Shagya breed article
Shagya breed article
Birds we keep and raise

We keep a variety of Fowl and other Birds as a hobby, we only raise a handful of young of each every year,
sometimes none depending on what people are more interested in, in the beginning of the year.

email me for availability of hatching eggs/chicks or adults.
Breeds marked with * are only available as juveniles/adults.

If possible I let the birds hatch their own, but I also use the incubator.

Here are some of the types/breeds I currently keep.

Chickens: (Large Fowl)- breeding for exhibition quality-
-Leghorns in Buff(50% german 50% american line)*, Partridge/Blue Partridge(100% german line)* and Black

- Ameraucanas in Blue/Black/Splash(whitmore, omega blue, john blehm lines)

-Black Australorp(exhibition lines from West coast BC, Edmonton AB and California)*

-Muscovies in Black, Chocolate, Blue, Fawn, Barred
-Australian Spotted in Green, Blue and Silver
-Ruddy Shelducks*

- Pilgrims

Indian Blue Black Shoulder*
muscovy pair
partridge leghorn hen
aussi spot drakes
black ameraucana roo